Drug Free Workplace

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Drug-Free Workplace Testing Programs

State and federal regulations can be confusing and complex,
making it difficult for employers to navigate the system and to meet every requirement.

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Regulatory agencies are what we do.

We understand the requirements of each of these regulatory agencies, and will guide you through the compliance process.

We also offer Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs for non-regulated employees too. We can tailor programs for your individual needs.

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Drug Free Workplace Program Assistance


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Regulated or not, testing makes sense.

Whether you are regulated by government agencies or not, drug and alcohol testing programs are good for business. We not only understand the state and federal regulation requirements for controlled industries but we also understand the benefits to all business owners. Save on insurance program costs, reduce employee’s on-the-job injuries, and improve your hiring and staffing. Allow Compliance Associates, Inc. to set up your customized drug and alcohol program.

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Drug Free Work Place Testing Programs

Compliance Associates offers custom-tailored Drug and Alcohol Testing programs for non-regulated employees.

No boring videos here!

We provide hands-on interactive classroom training. Once your supervisors have completed our comprehensive training course, they will have the applicable knowledge to make informed decisions on the job.

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